Mission: Control!

Your Mission
During and after space flight, astronauts have challenges with balance and spatial awareness. Through astronaut reconditioning, when they return to Earth, they relearn how to use their eyes, inner ear, and muscles to help control body movement.
In this activity your team will perform throwing and catching techniques on one foot to improve balance and spatial awareness. 
Balance, Coordination, Stability,  Reaction-time, Teamwork
Learning Objectives
  • Perform throwing and catching techniques on one foot to improve balance and spatial awareness
  • Record observations about improvements in balance and spatial awareness during this physical experience in the Mission Journal
  • Practice:
    • tennis ball (one per student)
    • watch or stopwatch (one per student)
  • Game: gym ball or similar sized/weighted ball (at least one per group)
  • For students: Mission Journal and pencil
 15 minutes per class

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