Get on Your Space Cycle

One exercise device that is regularly used by astronauts on the International Space Station is the cycle ergometer. The cycle provides bone strength exercise for the legs. When the large leg muscles work they need more blood. Working muscles stimulate the heart to pump more blood, and you breathe faster to get more oxygen in – this means cycle training also helps astronauts maintain endurance and cardio-vascular fitness. 
In this activity your team will train with a cycle to improve leg muscles, cardio-vascular fitness and endurance. As astronauts care for the Earth, you will also contribute to the safeguard of our planet by trying to avoid the use of motorized vehicles for transportation.
Endurance, Coordination, Balance, Stability
Learning Objectives
  • Perform a physical activity that will strengthen leg muscles and cardiovascular system, and contribute to a less polluted environment
  • Record observations about improvements in balance and strength during this physical experience in the Mission Journal
  • Cycle
  • For students: Mission Journal and pencil
Various. This activity can be completed as homework or outside of class hours.